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How do I pay for the course?

Payment for the course is broken into two parts. A 30% non refundable deposit is required to reserve a seat in the class(This is put towards the purchase of materials, tools). The remaining amount must be paid by the first day of class in the form of either a cashier’s check or money order. Sorry but we do not accept personal checks.


What is the cancellation policy?


Students may cancel for any reason before the start of the program; though they must notify the school at least 7 days in advance. A refund(minus the deposit) will be issued after the notification is received. The option of rescheduling a missed class(es) is ONLY offered in the case of a major event conflict(illness, work-related, death) and on a case-by-case basis.


Can I take photos during class?


Yes, we welcome students to take photos of their work and post them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. However this extends only to the school space and samples due to the fact the studio is a shared space with other artists who have not given permission to photograph their work(s).


Do I need to bring anything?


No. All supplies necessary to learn and complete each level will be provided and is included in the price of the course. The only additional items students are encouraged to bring is a notebook and a writing device to take notes during the class.


Can I bring my own supplies?


Because all the samples are designed with certain materials in mind, the school will provide all supplies needed to complete the work. Students are allowed to bring in their own materials to inquire about their use, but they will not be using them during class.

Do I have to attend open lab?

No. Open lab is 100% voluntary and offered as an additional plus to all students who want additional help or need a quiet place to work on their samplers. This is also the time students can bring in personal projects and ask for advice.

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