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Fall 2016

The Fall 2016 course spans Levels 1 to 6.

Our Fall 2016 class series highlights the embroidery skills used to create the amazing embroideries that grace the Paris Haute Couture collections every season. Each level is taught over a period of two 3-hr classes on one Saturday or two evenings(Monday/Wednesday) a week at our location in NoLita, NYC with an open lab on Sunday; which allows for either additional advice, a quiet space to work or to ask questions about personal projects.


Level 1 teaches the basic chainette stitch along with incorporating beads and sequins. 

Level 2 and 3 cover basic and complex fill techniques.

From Level 4 on, students learn to combine previous skills and work with unusual materials to create stunning effects both subtle and grand in nature.


With the final class, students are expected to create a finished product which exhibits their artistry as a designer and embroiderer.

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