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The 2017 courses covers a wide range of topics.

Our 2017 class series covers a wide range of skills from creating unique embroidery materials to learning the basics of crochet de Luneville used by the Parisian ateliers. Each class is taught over a period of 3-hrs, one or two evenings during the week in midtown, NYC.


Because of the uniqueness of this skill-set, most of the course materials used as well as tools are imported directly from Europe. All course fees include the cost of the materials, tools, and lab/teaching fees. The only thing you will need to bring is yourself and a pencil.


We hope to see you in one of our courses soon! 

Debut Tambour Embroidery


 Beginner/Intermediate Lv


This 6 hrs(2 x 3hrs) class will cover the basic skills of tambour embroidery used in the ateliers of Paris. Skills include – basic chainette, basic beading, regular fill , vermicelli, etc. Students will be working towards a finished wearable piece..

DIY Sequins and Beads.


 All skill levels


This 4 hr class does NOT teach embroidery, but rather the skills needed to create your own materials to be used in your work. From wood to leather to beetle wings, this class will cover basic sequin making along with creating your own ‘Swarovski’ crystals using silicone molds that you design and make.

Leather n’ Lace Embroidery  

 Beginner/Intermediate Lv

This 4 hr imtermediate class will be exploring the various combinations of leather and lace through creating either 

bracelet/brooches/parure. Skills include – basic chainette, basic couching, rhinestone attachment, ‘whipped’ leather, etc.

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