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Haute Couture Embroidery

What if you could create amazing masterpieces like the ateliers of Paris?

What if you could master techniques passed down through generations of petit mains?


What if you could become one of the select few that can stitch fantastic dreams into reality?

Ecole Broderies de Luxe offers courses to do just that.


L'Annee 2017

Founded in 1847, they are the jewelers to kings, queens and stars.

They have created and defined eras in jewelry and style.

They represent par excellence the marriage of innovation and creativity.

Ecole Broderies de Luxe pays homage with its 2017 theme.


About Ecole Broderies de Luxe.....

Ecole Broderies de Luxe or "BdL", was conceived as an outlet for embroidery designer Edward Tung's creativity and to allow him to pass on his skills to others who wish to learn. Having spent five years living, studying and working in Paris for some of the most well-known brands, he decided to return to the USA to establish his school. Before leaving Paris, he made arrangements with all the vendors to the Grande Maisons of Paris to provide the same supply for his new endeavor. Therefore the courses that are being offered teach the same skills using the same materials found in any Paris atelier today.


The Crochet de Luneville was brought to France in 1810 as an aid in the creation of lace. In 1867, it was discovered to be highly efficient in the embellishment of clothing and was quickly adapted by the Haute Couture industry. These courses are designed to teach the vast range of techniques from the basic to the complex that can be executed with the Crochet de Luneville.

Papillon de Cartier
Pink Flamingos
Tutti Frutti
Flamant de Windsor


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